September 2005

The ROBO On-Line Buffer System.

The Danagraf Film Processor program can now be equipped with On-Line buffer for all ECRM Mako Film Imagesetters.

The software in the Robo bridge communicate directly with the ECRM Imagesetter. When the Robo receive the “cut” signal the exposed film will be inserted to the film processor.

The processor take over the transport and the ROBO return to the entrance from the Imagesetter.

The actual transport is handled by a trolley which grip the film coming from the imagesetter and move to the processor side. The trolley will hold the film until “cut” signal are received. The exposed film will be stored in the Buffer section under the trolley until inserted in the processor.

It is recommend (but not a must) to expose and cut the film after each 4 colour job. By using an On-Line system there is no waste of film between jobs.