November 2005


As you are aware Danagraf A/S Helioprint do not manufacture new cameras anymore and as far as we know all other camera manufacturer have stopped production as well.

Regularly we receive enquiry for vertical repro cameras but are for the above mentioned reasons unable to honour all of these requests.

However, Danagraf do refurbish Helioprint Repromaster cameras when we are in a position to purchase a camera in good condition. During the refurbishing the body are painted and all vital parts are changed. The camera then go though a complete test similar to the test made in the past on new cameras.

When the quality are approved the camera look like and work like a new camera. We are not able to give you a fixed price on these cameras as it depends on the refurbishing involved.

Should you in the future have a potential customer for a camera please do not hesitate to contact us and shall see if we can be of any help. Prices to be discusses on a case to case basic.

Presently we have following cameras under renovation.

1 x Repromaster 2001 (manual size/focus)
2 x Repromaster 2100 (manual size/focus)
1 x Repromaster 3000 (auto size/focus)
      (Please note that the operation of the 3000 model are equal to the 3100).
1 x Repromaster 3500 (auto size/focus)