August 2005

New light reflector in Danagraf Helioprint PD exposure frames

After extensive research we are pleased to inform you that the exposure frames PD 230 – PD 290 – PD 292 have now been equipped with a new light reflector which ensure a shorter plate exposure time.

The time saving is approx. 30-35 %.

The starting serial numbers for the 3 models are:

PD 230, serial no. 527 224
PD 290, serial no. 526 185
PD 292, serial no. 527 225

The new reflector can easily be fitted in PD exposure frames already installed.

The order number for this exchange kit are: 78. 03. 70444

It is recommended that your service engineer offer the reflector to the customer i.c.w. a service call to the equipment.

Should you have questions to the above please do not hesitate to contact us.